PASAULIS | 261mc


scene 1

  • His childhood. Why was he so interested in science?
  • His passion and inspiration. What motivates him?
  • Why he’s different from others? His opinion about alcohol and parties.
  • His point of view of nature and living creatures. Does he feel more connected with nature than a regular person?

scene 2

  • His biggest wish and reward. “Lithuania Glory Award”
  • How he started this “Apple Tree Blossoms” project?
  • His opinion about using live animals for surgeries. Why?

scene 3

  • What helped him to reach all his life goals in the past?
  • What’s the meaning of life? Why?
  • What’s the pros and cons of science? Why?




  • Green
  • Khakí
  • Brown



We want to show an audience that science is not boring; it can be very interesting and engaging. In my opinion, I think this documentary film is for a younger audience, we want an audience to start thinking about appreciation of nature, animals and science because in a nowadays a lot of people are forgetting this very important thing. Matas opinion about alcohol  should be an example for all of us, he thinks that even if you’re sober you can still have a lot of fun. He knows that alcohol is poison, so why should he poison himself?  I want an audience to think about life through Matas perspective. Also, Matas wasn’t very good at school, he hated chemistry even though he was spending all his free time in the laboratory in his basement. He was doing what he loves and didn’t give up; that shows that if you try really hard: everything is possible. We want Matas story to be an inspiration for everyone. Inspiration to create, experiment, be curious about everything around you and most important: never give up!



We need to show the world from Matas perspective in a very experimental way . We have to notice the same details as he does, catch it and then put them in the right sound context. (visual metaphors) We don’t need to see a lot of Matas in a video, in my opinion, I think we should pay more attention to plants, nature (use macro shots, very close-ups; that you can’t even tell what it in the shot) and don’t make everything too obvious for the viewer.



scene 1 | Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The very first scene gonna be shot in BBG. Micro and wide shots of plants, Matas, garden itself. The audio gonna be the interview about his childhood, inspiration in life, his goals. At this point, we’re filming details that Matas is interested in.

scene 2 | Laboratory

Wide shot of laboratory. The room is dark, but soon as Matas comes in lights starts to flash and turns on. He puts his instruments on the table and starts his experiment. We’re mixing shots of the laboratory and the mouse surgery. The voiceover is talking about his scientific goals, awards, “apple tree” project and the living creatures.

scene 3 | Coombe Country Park

We gonna start this scene with wide shots of the forest. Hopefully, we gonna get some shots of animals, maybe Matas feeding the squirrel or deer. We’re going to talk about the meaning of life, life goals and science pros and cons.We want this scene to oppose to the previous scene by showing that even though Matas is a scientist he stills has so much respect for nature.We want this scene to oppose to the previous scene by showing that even though Matas is a scientist he stills has so much respect for nature.










  1. Ken Fero · October 26, 2016

    Overall we do get a sense of a visual narrative and you have given this some thought. Whilst some of the shots are clear with a strong visual sense of what we see you need to reexamine this using Picture Logic. There is a huge amount of potential visually and I need to get a stronger sense of the beginning, ending, colour and soundscaping as was discussed in the seminar. Image, story and character are pretty clear but process/conflict less so. there are some nice ideas, shots and suggestions but it all feels a little fragmented and to avoid the same happening in the film make sure you work out your storyboard carefully. You need to get together and respond to this comment as a group before next class and also make sure the Shooting Script is more detailed. The film has a lot of potential that needs to come through on paper first. Much of what was said in class sounded very good in terms of how you could approach this so make sure that is in the Shooting Script. This could be a very good film so make sure that happens by continuing to put in the work.


  2. Ken Fero · November 12, 2016

    No shooting script or story board? Blog is not looking great. Make an appointment with me if you want some guidance to improve this.


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