scene 1 (Birmingham Botanical Garden)

  1. His childhood. Why was he so interested in science?
  2. His passion and inspiration. What motivates him?
  3. Why he’s different from others? His opinion about alcohol and parties.
  4. His point of view of nature and living creatures. Does he feel more connected with nature than a regular person?

scene 2 (CUL)

  1. His biggest wish and reward. “Lithuania Glory Award”
  2. How he started this “Apple Tree Blossoms” project?
  3. His opinion about using live animals for surgeries. Why?

scene 3 (Coombe Country Park)

  1. What helped him to reach all his life goals in the past?
  2. What’s the meaning of life? Why?
  3. What’s the pros and cons of science? Why?

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