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I’m remaking my “making a relationship” video:

We had a task to do a film with two people: create a relationship between them, without using  any dialogue. I found this task very interesting and challenging. We can use just 6 shots, but we can cut them as many times as we want.

As soon as I started the analysis of the relationships, a lot of different scenarios popped in my head. I wanted to create something emotional but not too dramatic. Sometimes your eyes can tell more than your mouth, right? Relationships can be in very various forms: friends relationship; mother and her child relationship or lovers relationship. I was thinking about my own relationships with people, thinking about the situations when no words are needed.

So on the same day, I wrote a script. My idea was a divorce scene when a person is leaving something to run out of his comfort zone. To feel something again. After  that, I developed my characters so it’s clear what kind of people they are. I found the actors,  the location. I gave my characters description to actors few days before filming, so they had time to analyse the characters. I did a research about characters blocking in films and tried to adjust it in practice.  Another guy helped me, he is 3 year MP student so he has more skills than me. I was very excited to work with him, he gave me some very useful tips about lights and shooting.


character description


action: They meet each other in a local cafe. Last night Livia wasn’t at home and Robert wrote her a letter. Livia’s birthday is in a few weeks so she thinks that Robert made her some surprise. Yeah, he did, a huge surprise. Robert has never been so excited and self-conscious about himself. Robert is leaving tomorrow, and unfortunately, Livia is not going with him.





REMAKE: In the original video I was using just black and white colours because unfortunately, I was filming with 3 cameras and those cameras had a slightly different setting. At that time I didn’t have a lot of skills in the colour correction so I chose just to make everything black and white. I tried to colour gradit but in the end I decided that I’m going to stay with B&W. I think black and white really worked, it gave a more cinematic look to my film.

For the remake, I wanted to give myself a bigger challenge and try to re-edit the same video just this time with colours and with more cuts. I wanted to make this video deeper, putting more attention to details like hands holding and looks. I watched a few videos on LYNDA to get more understanding about colour grading. It was very beneficial and I gained a lot of new skills. In my remake, I chose to use blue shades so I had to make sure that every shot is at the same temperature. I made a few shots in a different colour to show that this part is more important, to make the shot outstanding. I think it worked quite well and I really enjoyed editing process.

I removed the sound, because I didn’t want to have music, and since I decided to use more cuts my natural sounds sounded really strange and annoying because of the short cuts. I wanted to concentrate just on the image and colours so the sound wasn’t a necessity. I was thinking about to put some jazz music on, but the brief says that no additional sound.

I really enjoyed the remake task, because it’s so beneficial to look  back at your work and try to remake it in a different way. It can give you very surprising results. I know that I need to work much more on colour gradings, but as a beginner, I’m pretty happy with my work.


the original video:

remake :




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