working on “girl reading a letter at an open window”

Without working on a script filming and set up took about 3 days. Here is what we did in those 3 days.

day 1: Week before, we were searching for the locations, because in our picture girl was standing next to the open window which opens inwards. We couldn’t find a window like that.  Then we decided to set up the room by ourselves.  We went to “the dome” in ET building. I found a small closet with glass doors so we decided to use it for the “window”. Also, we worked on a script a bit, booked cameras, tripods, lights.


day 2: On the day two we did a rehearsal, just without actors. We played with the lights, also worked on the image. We did a detailed script for actors, decided which lights and lenses we want to use in our movie. On the day 2, one of the actors said that he can’t do it on filming day so we had to search for another one and we found it.  Also, we found a curtain, after that we went to the theatre and found costumes for our film

day 3: On the filming day I was feeling very stressful because one of the actors was late and  also we decided to change the lights. I wanted the main picture to be more natural lights, and my group friends wanted more harsh lighting. After we found a compromise, actor came and we started filming, We were filming with CANON 5D camera, and we did a small experiment. Our more is shot in “Portrait” position, it was the first time when we did that, but I think it worked perfectly.

Here is our final movie :

research :

plan; ideas, inspiration:


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