Man Ray – Observatory Time, The Lovers, 1936

Man Ray was a visual artist, he produced major works in all kind of media, but considered himself as a painter above all. Man Ray had was influenced by Surrealist, Cubism, and  Dada movements, they persuaded him that the idea motivating a work of art was more important than the work of art itself. Pop Art, Modern Photography, and  Conceptual Art were influenced by Man Ray art pieces. Man Ray was friends with Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalì, Alfred Stieglitz.


Particularly this painting, which you can see in the picture, was painted in 1936, the same year when a photograph was taken. The canvas was eight feet long and over three feet high, we can’t see the picture frame and that creates an illusion of split-screen on a picture. The woman in the picture represents reality and the painting represents fantasy, imaginary things. The Lips relied on a reference central to Surrealist philosophy, the devouring woman.


A woman hears the voice in her head. Everywhere she goes, the voice goes with her. The voice is distracting, rude, hurtful. A woman looks frightened and bewildered, every day the voice is more and more interfere. She tries to fight, but it’s bodyless, just in her head and it makes the situation more desperate.

I was thinking maybe she could have schizophrenia because schizophrenia  infects the way you think and act. But that just a thought. So just as in painting: woman represents reality and instead of painting, the voice will represent fakeness.


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