week7, 261MC

Dziga Vertov is a famous Jewish cinematographer, TSRS cinema initiator. In 2012, Sight and Sound, elected his film “Man with a movie camera” for 8th of the best movies in the world.

“The film drama is the opium of the people down with bourgeois fairy-tale scenarios long live life as it is!”       Dziga Vertov


  1. Metric: cutting to the beat
  2. Rhythmic: rhythm of action in the shot
  3. Tonal: the tone of the shot
  4. Over-tonal: montage of large sequences
  5. Intellectual or Ideological: concerning ideas

Some of the techniques established were from the early days of film history. These techniques are used again and again by all types of filmmakers.

In editing, you can be as much creative as you want. In nowadays we have colour grading, after effects and much more, so it let us expand our creative opportunities to the maximum level. But sometimes you don’t need a lot of technologies to create something new. Even Einstein believed, that montage could create new ideas or have an impact beyond the individual images. Two or more images edited together create a “tertium quid” (third thing) that makes the whole greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Last year, I tried to play with the montage by myself and here’s what I got:

I personally believe, that experimenting with shots, putting two different things together is the best way to create something absolutely new, unseen and original.



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