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Man Ray – Emmanuel Radnitzky was a visual artist, who produced major works in all kind of media, but considered himself as a painter above all. He was born in 1890 in Pennsylvania and died 1976 in Paris, at age 86. Man Ray  was influenced by Surrealist, Cubism, and  Dada movements, they persuaded him that the idea motivating a work of art was more important than the work of art itself. He is known for his photographies, paintings, assemblage, collages and films.

Pop Art, Modern Photography, and  Conceptual Art were influenced by Man Ray art pieces. Man Ray was friends with Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalì, Alfred Stieglitz.


Particularly this painting, which you can see in the picture, was painted in 1936, the same year when a photograph was taken.


Painting canvas was eight feet long and over three feet high, we can’t see the picture frame and that creates an illusion of split-screen on a picture. The woman in the picture represents reality and the painting represents fantasy, imaginary things. The Lips relied on a reference central to Surrealist philosophy, the devouring woman.

/ how? why? /

location: for this film, we used diferent 3 locations: dinner room, city and forest. For the first scene in  the home, we needed to set-up the room, prepare dining table. We decided to use soft colours in this shot.The window was our natural light source, it created nice lightening on actors faces. For the second scene, where our actor is walking to her secret place, we chose to use places that have lots of plants, but you can see the transition from forest to the city. The last scene was filmed in the forest. Particularly this forest has a lot of space, tree trunks are rare and they have no leaves. I really wanted our film to be as much minimalistic as possible, so this forest perfectly fitted my vision. I think we chose good locations for our movie.

action: scene starts at the dining table. brother and sister are having a conversation because they just came back from court. Ana is going to jail because she killed a person. During the conversation, she starts to hear the voices in her head. Her brother doesn’t believe her and leaves the house. Voices go more and more intense until she decides to leave the house. She’s having flashbacks from the day she killed the person. She is running to her secret place- forest. When she’s there she cries and tries to fight the voices. But only when she admits that it was her fault voices leaves.

framing: this film was shooted for our Cinematography module, so we paid a lot of attention to framing. For the first scene we used wide shots, we created a lot of space between characters. Same with the second scene. But for the third scene, we used more close-ups of Anas face, trees and forest.

problems: after the first shooting we thought that we lost our footage, because files were converted in a different format. We solved that problem and after that we find out that there was something wrong with the recorder, all the sound was noisy and unclear. Luckaly, camera’s micraphone recorded the sound and it was better than the one from the recorder.

my role: My role was a director of this film. I tried my best to make a film as powerful, entertaining and effective as possible. I was making sure that everyone knows what they are doing, that everything is clear and organised.  I helped a lot with writing a script, also I shot some scenes and helped with editing. I organised the meetings, made a plan and schedule for shootings. I was searching for locations and actors. For this project I’m very satisfied with my group, because  everyone has been very professional and productive. Also our actor was very busy so we had very limited period of time for every scene. But it was very beneficial, because it made us think about the time planning in a professional way.

/ bibliography /

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