making a relationship

Robert is a very sensitive guy, he’s very kind, a little bit shy, also he has a huge fear of loneliness. His mother left him when he was a child. He’s very emotional but always tries to hide his feelings. His biggest dream is to travel around the world and find a love of his life, find his passion. To feel the real love. He’s a programmer and he has a well-paid job. He thinks he is a loser, but finally, after all, these years he is ready to make a huge change in his life. Finally, he’s brave enough to follow his dreams, to do what he wants to do.
Livia is a beautiful young woman, she’s very confident about herself. Livia is very ambitious but in the same way very selfish, egocentric and fake. She’s a “beauty blogger”, still unpopular but she thinks “it’s gonna be very soon”. She never loved Robert, she always hides him from her friends, doesn’t show him on her video-blogs, because she truly thinks he is boring. Sometimes she’s meeting other guys, but keeping this in secret from Robert. She loves to party and Robert hates it.

Robert and Livia were married for 3 years. They met each through Robert cousin. Robert fair of loneliness¬†made him marry Livia, even though he knew that all she wants is his money. They are like a plus and minus but not in a good way. Robert tried to hide his sadness and loneliness for the past 3 years. But today is the day when Robert is going to say goodbye to Livia. Robert is travelling away, and she’s not going with him. Robert is self-conscious and he knows what he is doing. He’s ready to leave.


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